Let's infuse visual magic into your passion project.

just because your brain is a tornado of ideas doesn't mean your brand should reflect that!

I'm here to give you the amazing visuals you’ve been dreaming of and FINALLY get this party started!

It's rough trying to build a business on the millions of ideas rolling around in your head… You need a design expert to help you sell your dream to the world.

Share your vision with me, a designer with almost 10 years of experience, and watch your unique brand materialize right before your eyes!

Let’s bring your eclectic thoughts and daydreams together into one big beautiful brand!

My unique Style Guide process provides you with a brand that deeply resonates with you and your intentions. Finally, you’ll be proud to share your passion with the world!

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Your brand should reflect your unique passion

get started

“So how do we get started?!”

I’m glad you asked!

Together, we’ll dive into exactly what you’re dreaming of and build a complete brand to bring it to life.

Our first step, your new moodboard, will lay the crystal clear foundation you need to easily keep your brand consistent and aligned with your goals & vision. Once we have your style nailed down, we’ll work on your complete brand style guide – providing you with everything you need to get your brand up & running in style!

If you’re not quite ready to invest in full branding, you can start with the VIP Moodboard Creation Package, where we work together to discover, strategize and plan your look & feel before diving into the design.

+ You also get a 1-of-a-kind framed version of your new moodboard delivered in the mail! ✨ Use this unique art piece to help you manifest the brand of your dreams!

You have an idea of what you want your business to look & feel like, but have been struggling to successfully translate it to your audience. You need unique, beautifully branded assets to finally implement the business of your dreams and make an unforgettable impact!

Includes Moodboard Creation Package + your totally custom Style Guide. You'll finish with all the beautifully branded assets you need to proudly premiere your new, strategic look in it's best light!

1-2 Week Turn around


Complete Brand Style Guide

Step-by-step Process

You’ll be smoothly lead through each step of the design process so we arrive at a beautiful final product that you LOVE!


Step 1

Get things rolling

Tell me all about your big dreams and get your project officially underway. We’ll hop on a 30 minute Castle Call to talk details and answer any questions you may have about your project.

Step 2


Lay the crystal clear foundation you need to easily keep your brand consistent and aligned with your goals & vision.

Step 3

Logo design

Get tons of custom logo concept sketches to explore lots of different directions before deciding on your main design. Concept sketches are then digitized, refined and your new logo design is finalized.

Step 4

FULL BRAND Style Guide

Get all the beautifully branded assets you need to proudly premiere your new, strategic brand in it's absolute best light!


Ready to get started?

Style Guide Full Complete Branding


30 min deep-dive discovery call

Assess and evaluate your unique tone & message
Work together through your vision, what you want your brand to become, and get crystal clear on your specific needs and wants
Ask any questions you may have about the process / final deliverables.


Featuring carefully curated: color palette, inspirational imagery, & patterns/textures


Delivered to your mailbox! 📬

Visualize & manifest your new brand! 
Uniquely decorate your work space!


Initial logo concept sketches

So we can explore lots of different directions without getting lost in perfecting the minute details at this stage of the process

Digital logo drafts
Your final logo design
Horizontal & vertical version(s) of your final logo 
1 color and full color versions


Up to 4 branded icons
Custom Color palette
Curated Typography
Brand Pattern(s)/Texture(s)


Printed style guide sent to you 📬

For on-going reference so your brand stays cohesive & on-point!

All file types of your logo & corresponding brand elements


Need a full brand and website?!

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo. Don't worry — I got you.