Infusing Visual Passion into YOUR Passion Project

your fairytale


I begin every project by learning everything I can about your vision, goals and brand ambition. You receive an in-depth survey that accesses your style preferences, overall objectives and rough plan for your brand. It’s super important to answer every question as completely as possible so I can begin building a solid platform for your brand design that speaks directly to your unique goals and vision.

My process requires your engagement at this crucial beginning step. The idea is to share as much info as possible up front, so I can get the ball rolling and not have to bother you until everything is taken care of. Finishing your questionnaire is like putting all the ingredients into the potion: everything is added in from the start & all that's left is for me to work my magic wand! (Okay, there’s a lot more to it than that, but roll with it for visual reference!)

step 1 - Setting the Mood


Reviewing your survey responses provides me with the tools to build an initial moodboard illustrating the mood, vibe and style that will build your brand.

Every project at Star Castle Studio starts with a moodboard.

This moodboard is the visual roadmap for the rest of your designs. Your moodboard is made up of a rough color palette, inspirational images, textures, and/or illustrations that together set the overall mood and style of your brand.

Your moodboard is a visual representation of what is to come and should genuinely inspire you and connect to your brand vision. 

It's a critical part of my design process and I ONLY offer one-time & on-going design services to those that have already 'set the mood' (whether with me or another designer)


step 2 - Logo Design

creative exploration

Once we have your approved moodboard setting the tone for our project, I present you with 4-5 initial logo sketches. These are the metaphorical springboard for the eventual logo design.

Since I strongly value your time and budget, rough sketches allow for the exploration of many different design concepts without wasting time phanesing digital drafts for your review. After up to 2 rounds of tweaks to these initial sketches, we move into the first digital draft of your logo.



At this point, I have a solid idea of your desired look, feel and direction and present 1 digitized logo that truly epitomizes your brand. Following 1 optional round of revisions, we build a brand board / style guide which lays out your new logo in its various orientations, along with your finalized color palette.

Fall in love with your brand design