Magic Mail Monday

One guilty pleasure I’m sure you also partake in: Online shoppingggg!

As a brand designer and full print design addict, I love the tactile experience of opening hand-packed orders. Join me on Magic Mail Mondays - where I unbox new ‘Magic Mail’ from fabulous small online shops, spread the love, and inspire you to up-level your own packaging experience for customers!

I’ll be opening Magic Mail every other Monday! 👌🏻😍 Join me if you’re interested in unboxing videos, seeing awesome stuff, supporting small shops, and learning tips about how to create killer customer experiences!!

Unboxing fabulous goodies from @happyfruitshop!


My first Magic Mail Monday features fabulous goodies from @happyfruitshop 😍 All her products are super cute and colorful so I expected nothing less from her packaging experience - and let me tell you, she delivered. Getting this package was so much more than just sending a simple purchase!

It’s obvious that Sarah, the mastermind behind Happy Fruit, took the time to make sure the package was ‘fruitful’ and that each touchpoint was clearly branded with her signature style. She also used some great strategic tactics to surprise & delight her customers, encourage them to revisit her shop and ultimately buy with her again.

Seriously, A+ on this one! Such a reminder that the beauty is in the details and it’s easier than you may think to ensure a happy customer!!

I N C L U D E D :
Rainbow Swatches Pin (ordered product)
Rainbow Swatches Sticker (ordered product)
Poop Emoji Sitcker (bonus!)
Info/promo card with discount offer
Fun confetti (bonus!)
Cute, mini box of tic-tacs (bonus!)

Learn from this unboxing!

Surprise & delight

Exceeding expectations is a key element to gaining raving, happy customers. By including bonus freebies (anything from a lollipop to bonus product) you’re providing the customer with a rewarding, memorable experience that leaves them feeling like they got an extra something special! This added ‘surprise & delight’ factor goes a longgg way. Making your customer feel like they got more than they paid for improves the chance of them making future purchases and encourages them to shout your name to their audience. It’s a win-win for everybody!!


By adding a simple promo code / discount card, you’re encouraging more sales to your site. This customer already bought something from you - reward them for it and make sure it happens again! Happy Fruit included a ‘$10 off your next purchase’ coupon, but some other great examples you could use are save XX% off your next purchase, refer us to a friend, share a photo of your new swag using #__________, tag @___________ when you post on social media.

Brand, brand, brand!

Someone’s made a purchase in your shop and the package has just arrived! You have a few minutes of their total, undivided attention - don’t waste it! Each and every touchpoint of your delivery should be a reminder of who you are and what you offer. Use the experience as an opportunity to make a lasting impression and build a relationship with your customer! Is your brand front and center? Having your logo in a few different spots in the package and on the product is key to staying top of mind. If possible, add your website and social media handles to your packaging so customers can shop again and promote your business. Find a way to keep your brand relevant, even once the packaging has been thrown away. In this case, Happy Fruit’s name was nicely added to the back of the pins. This is key to getting recognition later and bringing back those satisfied customers.



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