+ Can I just get a logo made?

In order to get a logo designed by Star Castle Studio, you must start at the first step of the design process: purchasing a moodboard creation package. This crucial step provides the necessary information & tools needed to create the best possible designs for you. It makes sure we are 'speaking the same language' when it comes to your new brand suite.

A brand is so much more than a logo. Without the proper discovery process & exploration of concepts, logos fall flat, lack intention, and need refreshing (or complete overhauling!) after living a short lifespan. Instead, I set you up with a brand that sings perfectly in harmony with you & your passion while reinforcing the strengths & ideals that make your business unique.


After going through the branding process, you have the option to create website with me through a) squarespace or b) wordpress. Note that custom Wordpress sites are much more in-depth and require a larger time & money investment.

+ Why do you love Squarespace so much?

I am always suggesting Squarespace for my clients because I strive to provide the most bang for your buck. Squarespace provides so many of the amazing attributes people want in their websites without breaking the bank. It seamlessly lets clients grab the reigns after we finish our design project, and has such a great customer support team available if problems arise.

+ What's the purpose of a moodboard?

Moodboards are personally my favorite part of the branding process! It's where I get to present to you dreamers and visionaries a physical, visual representation of all the amazing ideas bouncing around in your brain!

For most of my clients, this is the part where things really start to click. They get assurance that I understand what they were trying to translate and trust that I truly have their correct vision and intention in mind when diving into the rest of the branding process.

+ I love my new branding & I need more design assistance! help?

I'd love to help maintain and elevate your brand! Visit the Client Castle to learn more about the options available & to get in touch regarding your ongoing design needs. Don't worry, I got you.

Oops! Did I not answer your question?!