Magic Mail Monday: Tons of Goodies!

It’s that time of week again: Magic Mail Monday!

What is Magic Mail Monday?

As a brand designer and full print design addict, I love the tactile experience of opening hand-packed orders. Join me on Magic Mail Mondays - where I unbox new ‘Magic Mail’ from fabulous small online shops, spread the love, and inspire you to up-level your own packaging experience for customers!

I’ll be opening Magic Mail every other Monday! 👌🏻😍 Join me if you’re interested in unboxing videos, seeing awesome stuff, supporting small shops, and learning tips about how to create killer customer experiences!!

I went LIVE on Instagram to open these goodies and share all the amazing cuteness in real time 💕

Check out the replay below or read the synopsis below to get all links to featured makers and products, as well as the key takeaways from these deliveries that you can use to brand your own product experience!

Unboxing fabulous goodies from some amazing online shops and makers. I use my almost 10 years of design experience to give take-away branding tips throughout, so you can deliver an unforgettable unboxing experience for your own customers!

Love April Moon

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Learn from this unboxing!

don’t waste real estate ✨

You’ve captured your customer’s attention — but it won’t last long. Make sure every single touch point of their unboxing experience is branded and memorable. A very common issue I see while making these videos is that many pin makers don’t include branding on the outer packaging. To me, this is key to making your delivery experience awesome!

Consider the outside of your package to be the storefront of your virtual store. This is the first tangible experience your customer is having with your brand — you want to make an impact. As a consumer, nothing beats seeing a package and knowing immediately that it’s the epic thing you just ordered! Give your buyers that feeling by making it super clear who delivered this awesome package.


Packaging design and product presentation should enhance the actual product, not take away from it. Make sure your product is housed on complimentary real estate, or for pin purposes, pretty backing cards. While it’s important your actual product is somewhat ‘framed’ through your presentation design, don’t forget the crucial info needed to keep customers in the loop!

encourage future purchases

  • Include an exclusive discount code for the customer’s next order.

  • Have your shop url prevalent. Make it simple for happy customers to buy from you again.

  • Don’t skip on adding your shop/brand name on the back of the product! There needs to be a way to find you again once all paper materials have been thrown away.

encourage engagement

  • Include a specific hashtag you want customers to use when sharing images of your products

  • Encourage them to share their product on social media and include your handle(s) so they know what to tag

  • Want more purchases andddd engagement?! Reward shares with discount codes! Include some copy explaining this in the package so there is an incentive to share your product (thus giving you some free exposure and love!)

If you’re really feeling like all that info is clogging up your design, place it elsewhere! Consider using the flip side of your pin backing cards or including a separate info card. Remember, you don’t need to include EVERYTHING. Really think about what you want your customer to do after receiving your product. How do you ideally want them to react? In perfect world, what does the next interaction with your brand look like? Once you have this figured out, base what information you include on encouraging those things the obvious action.

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Magic Mail Monday is every other week features awesome shops creating fabulous stuff!
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