Magic Mail Monday: Cats, Starbucks & More!

It’s that time of week again: Magic Mail Monday!

What is Magic Mail Monday?

As a brand designer and full print design addict, I love the tactile experience of opening hand-packed orders. Join me on Magic Mail Mondays - where I unbox new ‘Magic Mail’ from fabulous small online shops, spread the love, and inspire you to up-level your own packaging experience for customers!

I’ll be opening Magic Mail every other Monday! 👌🏻😍 Join me if you’re interested in unboxing videos, seeing awesome stuff, supporting small shops, and learning tips about how to create killer customer experiences!!

I went LIVE on Instagram to open these goodies and share all the amazing cuteness in real time 💕

Check out the replay below or read the synopsis below to get all links to featured makers and products, as well as the key takeaways from these deliveries that you can use to brand your own product experience!

Magic Pindom

I N C L U D E D :
Sbux Cup Pin
(out of stock)


I N C L U D E D :
Espeon (Day) Pin
Alohan Vulpix (Night) Pin

Oldstoriesph Etsy

(currently on hiatus)

Love April Moon

I N C L U D E D :
Ice Cream Tsuki Pin
Ice Cream Tsuki Sticker
Tsuki Cake Sticker

Part of the patron: Sweetery Club — now disbanded :(((

Learn from this unboxing!

making an impact doesn’t have to be hard

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 12.14.42 AM.png

While custom stickers/packaging details are ideal, you don’t have to break the bank to create a unique, branded experience. Pink tissue paper and a simple holographic sticker seal made Celestial Fox’s packaging really pop!! Other easy ideas: higher quality paper stock and cool printing details make a difference — matte texture, rounded corners, embossed and/or metallic details, UV coating — the possibilities are literally endless!

exceed expectations

When it’s possible, it’s always a good idea to add in freebies / unexpected goodies! This doesn’t mean you have to give away free products — you can get creative and give free little candies, mints, or cheap stickers. That extra surprise will make an impression on your customers and make them feel like you’re really ‘hooking them up!’ Don’t miss the chance to exceed their expectations and make the unboxing experience a memorable one!

play up the personal touches

Add a handwritten note with your customer’s name included! Not only will this take your delivery to the next level, it’ll create a deeper, more personal connection with every individual you ship to.

leave your mark

Make sure your brand is on the back of your product!!

There needs to be a way to find you again and give you recognition once all paper materials have been thrown away. Make sure that months from now, your customers will be able to give your shop recognition and spread the word about your awesome products!!


Ready to take your own shop’s branding & customer experience to the next level?

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