The role of a moodboard in your business


If you’re not a designer or are new to the design world, you may have never heard of a moodboard. Or maybe you’re so deep in the design world that you’ve forgotten what the true purpose of this step of the process… Either way, I want to help shed some light on why moodboards are needed, what they do for your brand, and how they can help your business.

A non-negotiable of branding

I create a custom moodboard for each and every one of my branding clients. It's an integral part of the process and sets the style, feel and mood for the entire project moving forward. Not only does it help me figure out and streamline what’s truly swirling around in your head, it supplies a visual aid for us to refer to while building your brand to match.

Moodboards are my favorite part of the branding process. 

It's where I get to present to you dreamers and visionaries, a physical, visual representation of all the amazing ideas bouncing around in your brain! For most of my clients, this is the part where things really start to click. They are reassured that I understand what they want to translate and trust that I truly have the correct vision and intention in mind when diving into the rest of the branding process. 

We start with getting to know your vision inside and out.

First, you tell me all about what you want to build, what you want it to look & feel like and what you want it to say. Next, I work my magic and translate this dream of yours into a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will visually translate what you’re dreaming of.


“What’s a moodboard anyways?”

To put it simply, a moodboard is the visual roadmap for your brand.

It provides the tone, style and overall feel you want to convey through your messaging and visuals. When done correctly, it becomes an essential tool for keeping your marketing efforts consistent and recognizable to your audience. Think of it as an inspiring post-it note that will remind you of your vision every time you see it!!

“Is it just a Pinterest Board?”

I get asked this quite a lot, since Pinterest Boards are a quick way to pin visual inspiration. Yes, Pinterest boards can be a helpful tool for realizing your passion and what that visually looks like, but you can’t use your created Pinterest boards in any marketing efforts or promotions. Each pin you save is from a different contributor and has different usage rights. Some may be low resolution, some may be copyrighted… the point is, you don’t own those images and there’s a limit on what you can do with them.

Plus, we all know that Pinterest sends us down deeeeep rabbit trails. That means you may end up with a board of vastly different inspirations and styles, leaving you even more confused than when you first jump on Pinterest. My job, as a brand designer, is to take all those fabulous ideas you’ve got swirling around about this dream of yours and translate it into one cohesive, beautiful brand. That all starts by laying a strong foundation.

“Why do I need one?”

Without an overarching theme, style and tone your brand can feel haphazard and all over the place. When you create visuals, you’re starting at square one and are overwhelmed with different directions you could explore. With an established moodboard, the guesswork is done for you. The intention and feeling has been spelled out. When you’re creating content, refer back to your moodboard, making sure your new graphics speak in sync with the overall vibe you’re trying to maintain. By flip-flopping between colors, style, and intention you’re confusing your audience and not establishing a clear image of who you are and what you do.

Consider meeting a new person that you’re instantly attracted to because of their personality, vibes and style. You run into them later at a party and they’re acting in a totally different way and acting like an entirely different person. After that, you meet them for coffee and they’ve got a whole new personality and look. At this point, you either assume they have multiple personality disorder or at the very least confirm you don’t know them very well as a person. The uncertainty of who they will show up as next makes you uneasy and makes it hard for you to connect with any of their specific traits, since they’re changing so rapidly.

The same goes for a brand.

If you’re jumping from one message to another, you’re never allowing those deeper connections & relationships to grow from those specific traits. It may feel like you’re repeating yourself, but you’re really just reenforcing your essence on a deeper level and giving even more people a chance to see it.

I designed Star Castle Studio’s moodboard long before taking the business full time! Its been a super helpful reference point for me while building the brand & business of my dreams!

I designed Star Castle Studio’s moodboard long before taking the business full time! Its been a super helpful reference point for me while building the brand & business of my dreams!

“How will it help me?”

Your moodboard is a visual reminder and representation of how you want to be presented. It’s a great way to visualize who you are and what you do into one beautiful graphic. If you’re just getting started, a well designed moodboard can be a useful tool for manifesting your dream. Having a clear snapshot into what your brand will be, motivates you to show up as your best self and consistently work towards that clear end-goal.

I view moodboards as unique art pieces that help individuals connect and experience their brand. A successful moodboard provides a clear window into what your brand looks and feels like without going into any lengthy explanations or bullet points. It’s a crucial step to getting in tune with how you want to position yourself and be perceived by your audience.

“What do I do with it?”

Keep your moodboard visible. Position it somewhere you’ll see it everyday and begin viewing it as a ‘post-it note reminder’ of what you want your dream to look like. By building a strong connection with your moodboard and creating content that matches, you’ll start to notice that your visuals and messaging begin to align with the new style you’ve put in place. It should be the guide to everything you create in your business and you should refer back to it whenever you are unsure of how to ‘show up’ and present your brand.

Want your own moodboard to help you translate your brand?

If you’re ready to lay your brand’s foundation and get serious on what it is you have to offer, let’s start on this first step together. Answer a short questionnaire telling me more about your dream, and you’ll receive your moodboard in 1-2 business days.