Magic Mail Monday: Lulu Bloo

It’s that time of week again: Magic Mail Monday!

What is Magic Mail Monday?

As a brand designer and full print design addict, I love the tactile experience of opening hand-packed orders. Join me on Magic Mail Mondays - where I unbox new ‘Magic Mail’ from fabulous small online shops, spread the love, and inspire you to up-level your own packaging experience for customers!

I’ll be opening Magic Mail every other Monday! 👌🏻😍 Join me if you’re interested in unboxing videos, seeing awesome stuff, supporting small shops, and learning tips about how to create killer customer experiences!!

Unboxing fabulous goodies from @lulu_bloo

This Magic Mail was delivered by the fabulous @lulu_bloo Unboxing video featured my sick little one, Lily, because real life goes on (even when Magic Mail arrives)!

Lulu Bloo offers super kawaii fabulous pins that are, as she puts, “adorably cute with a sprinkle of magic!” I’d have to agree! Her Sailor Moon polaroid pins are seriously too adorable - it was hard for me to pick just one!

This Magic Mail packs a powerful punch with a top notch product & a beautifully printed card (with fancy gold touches!!) The bubblegum pink envelope, simple branded sticker on the package, and high quality pink backing card all matched her brand perfectly. Overall, this perfect polaroid pin was delivered in a pink whirlwind of goodness. Be sure to check out her other adorable accessories! She also is the owner of @lulublookids @foodiepins and @lulubloopinclub

I N C L U D E D :
’Moon Cats’ polaroid pin

Learn from this unboxing!

Stay top of mind

Having your logo included on your physical product is a MUST. Lulu Bloo has her name prominent on the back of her pins. This is crucial so that customers know who to tag/credit when they post their purchases!!

Also crucial: website / social links. Lulu Bloo included hers on her card. Instead of a handle (showing her Insta name / profile @lulu_bloo) she opted to include a hashtag #lulubloo. This is a smart move, and encourages people to share on social media. She’s using the interaction with her already ‘sold’ customer to ask for some free promotion - this is not only a great way to engage, but is also some smart marketing!

Consider the little things

Having a bright pink envelope was a huge highlight of this Magic Mail! Such an easy thing to do, that makes such a big difference for the user experience. I was excited to pull a pink envelope out of my mail box! And as you can tell, my little one liked it too! :)



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