M100DBOARD Project

Today, I'll be starting my version of the

100 day project!

I am challenging myself to create and share 100 custom, curated moodboards that illustrate a particular thing, place, feeling, etc.
I'm calling it the M100DBOARD Project. (Get it?! I know, I'm too punny!) 

I strongly believe that creativity flourishes within constraint.

That's why I've created a generative process for my 100 days. I will move through the alphabet (A-Z) and create a moodboard of something that begins with that letter. That something will vary depending on what round I'm on.

Round 1 (days 1-26):


All things disney: characters, rides, movies, etc.

Round 2 (days 26-52):


People, places or things. 

Round 3 (days 52-78):


Real life, make-believe... anywhere you could hypothetically visit.

Round 4 (days 78-104):


Feelings are abstract and tend to be harder to portray visually, so these will be the last and final set.

Rather than using this as a strict deadline, I'm using this prompt as a strong backbone to hold myself accountable to continue sharpening my craft. That is why, if I do each and every moodboard, I will actually have 104 days of boards/prompts. This extra 4 days is built in as my buffer so I don't have to beat myself up if I do miss a day here and there. 

"Why pick this prompt?"

I create moodboards for my clients and that is where each and every branding project begins here at Star Castle Studio. It's an integral part of the branding process and sets the style, feel and mood for the entire project and design moving forward.

Moodboards are my favorite part of the branding process. It's where I get to present to you dreamers and visionaries a physical, visual representation of all the amazing ideas bouncing around in your brain! For most of my clients, this is the part where things really start to click. They get assurance that I understand what they were trying to translate and trust that I truly have their correct vision and intention in mind when diving into the rest of the branding process. 

Creating these moodboards will help me illustrate through tangible examples what it is a moodboard accomplishes. Since I will be making these with relatable, understood prompts (disney things, nouns, places, and feelings) you all can judge how successfully you think each moodboard translates it's specific intention.

I hope this project helps shed some light onto the importance of the moodboard step in the design process, and that it provides an interesting window into how I view the world, how this step of my design process works, and generates some inspiring work for you all!

Let's do this!