Disney - 1R

M100DBOARD Project
Round 1: DISNEY | Day: 18 | Letter: R


Rapunzel Disney Inspired Moodboard Brand Design

Itโ€™s been awhile since I made progress on my 100 day project. So what inspired me to get started again? The amazing Rapunzel cosplay done by @princessroyalcourt popped up on my feed and made me instantly inspired by this iconic character.

Iโ€™ve always loved Rapunzel since I identify a lot with her character. I grew up with a very sheltered, naive way of looking at the world. I escaped through art, nature and bonding with animals. Also, my high school sweetheart (and now husband) looks a lot like Flynn Ryder and his smolder clearly worked on me! I love watching Rapunzelโ€™s strength and independence grow in this movie, and nothing beats her magical, positive way of looking at the world.

For this moodboard, I focused on the fun-loving vibes of this iconic blondie! I kept the palette light and airy, to capture her innocent point of view and positive personality. I included floral details and natural elements to allude to her tower hideaway, ginormous decorated braid and her overall appreciation for nature.

This moodboard truly captures Rapunzelโ€™s adventurous spirit and contagious optimism, and I hope it makes your day a little brighter!!

Look & Feel Buzz Words

  • Wanderlust

  • Daydreams

  • Fantastical

  • Innocent

  • Creative

  • Uplifting


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