100 Day Moodboard Project // Disney - Day 20 - T (Tiana)

M100DBOARD Project
Round 1: DISNEY | Day: 20 | Letter: T


Princess and the frog Disney Inspired Custom Art Tiana

I have such a soft spot for Princess and the Frog and Tiana specifically! I love her adorable family, the beautiful songs, the gorgeous art, and the undeniable love story. It’s got just the right amount of spooky (it’s never a good idea to ‘mess with the shadow man’), along with the perfect pinch of humor (there are some greattt one-liners in there).

As a business owner, there’s one MAJOR thing I admire most about Princess Tiana: she never gives up on accomplishing her dream. While she laughs at the magic of wishing on a star, her faith in succeeding is ultimately what leads her to running the restaurant of her dreams.

So today – on your own journey – take some advice from Tiana, “…Fairytales can come true. You just gotta make them happen, it all depends on you.”

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