M100DBOARD – S (Space Mountain)

M100DBOARD Project
Round 1: DISNEY | Day: 19 | Letter: S

Space Mountain

Space Mountain Disney Inspired Moodboard Brand Design

Did you know… When Disneyland started working on the ride, they called in Mercury 9 and Gemini 5 astronaut Gordon Cooper as a creative consultant.

“Space Mountain is about as close as you can safely get to actually being in space," he later claimed.

Now that’s what I call some dedicated project research!

Since I felt so inspired by the ‘out of this world vibes’ of this iconic Disney attraction, I decided to take this week’s Moodboard Monday one step further and create a quick mini brand! Using sleek lines, soft curves, and negative space were keys to portraying this futuristic aesthetic. I designed a logotype as well as a monogram for use on branded materials. The structural play of the monogram creates a mountain-inspired shape with the moon and ‘space’ above, all created by the S and M letterforms.

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