Disney - 1N

Round 1: DISNEY | Day: 14 | Letter: N



Neverland was the perfect prompt for today. I’m honestly in need of a magical break from reality. Every day, I’m working to build my dreams, but it’s much more fun to visit a world where they’ve already come true. ✨

While Neverland has a ton of different areas (I could honestly create a unique one for each section… Indian Camp, Skull Rock, Mermaid Lagoon, etc.) I chose to focus on the inspiring magic of adventure that runs through every the setting. Peter’s eagerness to explore, Tink’s sassy antics, and the magic of the luscious green landscape.

Fun personal fact: I have a map of Neverland tattooed on my thigh. It celebrates my need to pursue magic, wonder and adventure - plus it’ll come in handy if I ever wind up there and need help navigating. 💕


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