Magic Mail Monday: Magical Thunder Press

It’s that time of week again: Magic Mail Monday!

What is Magic Mail Monday?

As a brand designer and full print design addict, I love the tactile experience of opening hand-packed orders. Join me on Magic Mail Mondays - where I unbox new ‘Magic Mail’ from fabulous small online shops, spread the love, and inspire you to up-level your own packaging experience for customers!

I’ll be opening Magic Mail every other Monday! 👌🏻😍 Join me if you’re interested in unboxing videos, seeing awesome stuff, supporting small shops, and learning tips about how to create killer customer experiences!!

Unboxing fabulous goodies from @magicalthunderpress

This Magic Mail features a beautiful spinner pin from Magical Thunder Press! The simple, cardboard box was a mysterious delivery, but the big round logo printed proudly on the sealing sticker let me know what shop’s gorgeous goodies had arrived!

The magical goodness inside was such a dreamy contrast to the utilitarian packaging. The pastel shades of the pin and card were a hit with me! This adorable pin has a unique spinner attribute which made me fall in love with it even more in person (once I got to playing with it!) The simple, vintage Disney vibes pair nicely with Magical Thunder Press’s bright, bold logo design. + Their Instagram & website handles were found not only on the pin backing card, but also on the outside sticker - encouraging customers to share their new stuff & potentially buy more.

I’m super in love with my new pin & can’t wait to order more from this lovely shop! I know they are full of lots more surprises!

I N C L U D E D :
Happiest Songs on Earth Vinyl Spinner Pin (no longer available)
Thank you card ♡

Learn from this unboxing!

Double Duty

Make things work for you. You have to pack and ship the order. Is there a way you can seal the package that adds another branded touchpoint to the unboxing experience? Magical Thunder Press added a branded, useful (& super cute!) sticker that folder over the package edge. For you, this could be washer tape, branded/cute tissue paper, patterned inserts, be creative!

Details Matter

The spinner feature of this pin makes a huge impact on the overall design. It’s not only a fun addition to the classic record player concept, but an engaging detail for us little kids at heart! Yes, adding that extra layer of glitter, or additional dangle may be a bit more expensive, but it will make a huge impact of your customers and can get your products noticed - fast.

Leave your Mark

The one downside to the branding of this delivery: no logo on the product. If you’re providing a product that is arriving in someone’s hands, make sure it has some sort of way to trace it back to you. This will not only make everything look even more put together, but will allow happy customers to share and promote your items anytime in the future!! (That’s some free publicity, folks - don’t miss the opportunity!)



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