Why It’s the Best Time Ever to Be a Professional Artist

Online artpreneur

Art is exactly what people need right now.

In today’s pre-packaged and fast-moving world, we’re constantly bombarded by cold marketing tactics and soulless advertising by large corporations. Now more than ever, people are drawn to genuine artistic expression, and desperately crave authentic one-of-a-kind creations.

The desire for art is there, but in this overcrowded market, your unique point of view combined with engaging visuals is the key to making a real and lasting impact!

“An artist’s role is almost that of an Alchemist – capable of transforming a few humble materials into objects which are imbued with spiritual and aesthetic value and then possibly also material value. I prefer to be a harbinger of good news and hope, in this increasingly broken world of ours and I find that images have immense power to restore collective emotional pain and lift the spirit.”
– Aleta Michaletos, South Africa

It’s easy to become discouraged by our turbulent times and the ‘starving artist’ stereotype… but the reality of today is there is no better time to be a professional artist. The tools that are readily at your fingertips give you a totally out-of-this-world advantage over artists living at any other time in history!

As things are getting more and more calculated and corporate, art remains a refreshing source of beauty, entertainment, and healing in our world that is desired by more and more people.

Plus, it’s literally never been easier to share, promote and market your wok to a wide audience. You’re seriously lucky to be an artist born in the digital age. Social media has broken down the gallery fee entry barrier, a lot of the who-knows-who nonsense, and made it possible for any artist (no matter how well known) to share, celebrate and SELL their art.

Inspiring Statistics

In fact, studies show that the art industry is constantly growing and drawing in more enthusiasts than ever. According to the 2017 Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, the online art market hit $3.75 billion in 2016 – a 15% increase from 2015. By 2021, they anticipate a market value of $9.14 billion!

Online sales are ultimately reshaping the art business.

According to the BBC, more art is now sold online than in galleries! In this increasingly digital age, your website has the potential to reach hundreds and thousands and millions of people – way more than could walk into a gallery! So if you’re a fine artist or maker without a website to showcase and sell your work, it is imperative that you have one.

Making the stats work for you

What if you already have a website for your art, but you’re not seeing any sales?

You may feel puzzled by these stats, but don’t worry! If you’re creating great work consistently, you’re accomplishing the hardest things already. You just need to make sure that your website is doing the rest of the work for you!

Translating your work onto the web and ultimately making a profit from your art is all about getting in front of the right people, and making an unforgettable impression on them. Combining your art’s unique point of view with a website supported by engaging visuals is essential to enhance your brand and give credence to your art in the digital sphere.

Close the Sale

Be sure to remove as many barriers as possible to purchasing your work.

Whether you offer one-off commissions or ready-made art pieces…

Be Honest:

How easy is it for a potential buyer to purchase your work?

If your website is confusing and you’re leading site visitors to a simple contact inquiry form, you’re missing out on potential opportunities! Imagine attending a real-life gallery exhibition where you fall in love with a piece, it’d be frustrating to not know who to contact in order to purchase it. Apply this same logic to your online home.

Make it easy to invest in your art. With the tools available at our fingertips, there’s no easier time to find success on your ‘artpreneur’ journey.

You already know it’s the best time ever to be a professional artist, but where exactly do you start getting your art looking great (and making money) online?!

Find success as an artist online – you’re not in this alone!

I’m here to help you brand, market and promote your passion in a way that can support the life you want!