Star Castle Spotlight

I believe in the power of passion.

To me, there is nothing more inspiring than listening to someone talk about what they love. As creatives, we can sometimes lose ourselves in the process of making only to forget about one of the most important aspects: actually getting the work out into the world! Too frequently, creative projects are price-tagged and monetized — that’s why I believe it's so important we establish and cultivate spaces where art can be shared for the honest sake of simply inspiring others.

Star Castle Spotlight provides an inviting, inspiring space where creatives are invited to share their work without worrying about closing any deals or paying any fees. I'll be featuring artists' work I find truly inspiring, along with any of those that are sent in or suggested to me. Feel free to apply below!

The goal is simple:

Share and experience creative work with no hidden agenda. It's a somewhat revolutionary concept - to share and 'promote' work for the sheer sake of exposure, but I think it's so important that we, as artists, interact with each other's work and continue to expose ourselves to creative inspiration founded in true passion.

These Star Castle Spotlight artist features will give artists a chance to share their work and have a virtual audience interact with and experience their work. It's essentially a virtual gallery space (with no red tap or entry fees!) — open to professionals and beginners alike to plain and simply: get the work out there & spread inspiration through passion!

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Request to be featured!

I'm always looking for new projects to showcase and share! Share your passion, spread the love and inspiration by applying to be featured — or tell me about an artist that has recently inspired you.