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Maryam and I connected via Instagram awhile back, bonding over fine art and the nuances of running a creative online business. I’m awed by her resilience, her unique eye for creating intricate collages, and her playfulness with color & form.

This unstoppable momma is working to build a business from her passion – art. Like many of you readers out there, she’s faced a few hurdles along the way. I hope reading through her journey inspires you to push through on your own.

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What is your artistic passion & how did you first discover your love for it?
Maryam Art Studio

I am London Based Artist and Mom of 3 boys. I believed in challenging myself and my creativity urged me to produce unique artwork. My work is characterized by colourful abstract and mixmedia Art inspired by anything, everything & infused with positivity.

My Art is Full of Joy & Colours and reflects Nature".

Art has always been part of my life in different ways and now it has become an obsession. I enjoy experimenting with different materials and techniques, so I select the material mindfully and start to create an exceptional and unique piece of art. The end result gives a powerful reflection of inspiration and challenges that I gather from the beauty I personally see in the world.

 🌈 Maryam Art Studio 🌈 was born out of a combination of my passion and my love towards art and colours, which allows my perspective as an Artist to remain traditional and bright.

Making art is my passion

When I am not busy working on a project, I am thinking about new ideas. Art is how I battle against the indifference of humans and offer new ways of viewing the world.

How would you describe your unique art style?

Art full of joy & colours

What would 'success' look like to you with this passion of yours?

I want to see myself working as As a full time Artist. I want to get so busy in making Art for others that my husband can leave his 2 jobs (which he is doing to run our family), relax and start spending more time with us at home.

I want to create Art all day everyday.

How do you know when a piece is 'done'?

Some voice come from inside tells me it’s finished... until I hear that voice, I won't stop...

Please share a bit about the studio / workspace you've created to work in and how that impact your progress & final product.

I have a small room in my home that was supposed to be my older son’s room, but I took it to make it my studio – my happiest place in the world.

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What has been your biggest struggle to getting where you want to be creatively and how did you overcome it?

Money is a big obstacle.

I have no money to display my artwork in art fairs and galleries, no money to frame my artwork, and no money to take part in small markets and exhibitions. I just have enough money to buy my art supplies every month to create some pieces of art.

So I choose a free platform, social media, to put my work in front of art lovers so they can view and purchase my art.

Do you have any advice / tips for someone looking to dive deeper and pursue their own creative passion?

I believe art should be affordable for every budget. I believe that all art lovers should have a chance to buy a piece that sings to their soul because traditionally art was only affordable to the supper duper wealthy.

We all have bills and budget to live and I love my art is accessible to people on every budget.

Always use the best material and finished every piece to the same quality A mini artwork should get the same VIP treatment as a 2m long canvas.

Let’s spread the art without breaking the bank.

Do you sense how all the the parts of a good picture involved with each other, not just placed side buy side?

Art is the creation for the Eye and can only be hinted at with words.


“Establishing a creative business is not easy.”

“It is a process and you learn small things everyday.”

💟 Speaking my heart out... 💟

I’ve had a dream to establish my creative business for a long time and now I can see some light of hope... now somehow the dream is starting to take shape.

Establishing a creative business is not easy.

While getting to know all the behind scenes– how tough it is to manage website, social media, posting your item on different shops/platforms and divert traffic to your website, find your Ideal customers – it’s been hard to that find time to create.

I have no special education in business, but with the time and an effort l am putting in this, I have gradually started learning new skills to run my business. Of course, I still have a lot to learn, but I realize one thing: that it is a process and you learn small things everyday.

I don't know If I will be successful one day but at least I am trying and for this I am happy & fingers crossed. Making Paintings is my passion but to have business out of it is comes out with a dream to help my husband in financial matters.

I am not working because I have to look after 3 young children and they are our 1st priority so we decided that my husband will work & I will look after our kids for now.

He is doing extra hours of work and even working on weekends after a whole week of hard work since he knows he is the one who have to pay the bills & rent in the end. 😐 A thought is always running in my mind and I can't take myself out of it: a dream to help this man and share his burden so he can have some relax time. I am proud of him as he never complains & just continously does all the hard work with a smile on his face. ❤

So now all my goal is to support him so he can relax on weekends & enjoy that time with us.

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